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Mailing Address
Main Office: 217 / 753-2226
1240 S. Sixth St.
P.O. Box 5256, Springfield, IL 62705
FAX: 217 / 753-2281

Fletcher Farrar, ext.140

Michelle Ownbey, ext.139

Associate Publisher
James Bengfort, ext.142

Calendar Editor
Stacie Lewis, ext.129

Staff Writers
Bruce Rushton, ext.122

Chris Britt, Peter Glatz, Tom Irwin, Jacqueline Jackson, Chuck Koplinski, Ashley Meyer and Rich Miller

Editorial/Graphic Design
Joe Copley, ext.125

Brandon Turley, ext.124

Libby Marx, ext.143

Display Advertising
Beth Parkes-Irwin, ext.131

Jeff Elliott, ext.128

Yolanda Bell, ext.120

John Mikels, ext.130

Classified Advertising, 217 / 753-2226

Business Manager
Brenda Matheis, ext.134